Like people, trees can become more susceptible to infection when they are stressed. Trees do not have the complex immune systems that humans have, but they do have resources to protect themselves from opportunistic pests and pathogens. When a tree’s natural defenses are overwhelmed, treatment (e.g., fungicides and/or insecticides) can help to protect trees from attack while stressors are corrected. As an analogy, people with heart disease often take blood pressure medication while they make lifestyle corrections such as changing their diet and exercising regularly. Once their health improves, and their blood pressure declines, they may be able to stop taking the medication.

Our education in tree biology and plant pathology has taught us to perform treatments in accordance with the  Integrated Pest Management (IMP) approach. We use the least invasive and least environmentally harmful methods as possible. We also base our treatment recommendations on the most recent research coming out of institutions such as the University of California.