About Us

Responding to a World in Need of Healthy, Beautiful Trees

Tree Path  was founded by us in 2017 as a horticultural vision. We live in a typical suburb of Los Angeles and see so much potential in our urban forest. We see so many empty front yards that could host any number of amazing tree species. We envision our neighborhood full of well-placed and well-cared for trees that are as diverse as one’s imagination. We founded Tree Path with these beginning intentions:

To use our expertise to assist homeowners in the selection, planting, and development of trees

Trees are a long term investment, and we noticed that homeowners do not have a lot of places to turn to get the kind of help we can provide. We can find the tree species that best matches what a client has in mind. We can find the right nursery tree, plant it, modify irrigation, and periodically visit the tree to treat for any health problems and to prune it for strong structural development.


To protect outstanding urban trees

Environmental stresses (e.g., lack of water) can predispose trees to pests and diseases. We can diagnose the source of the stress and provide curative treatments until the stress has been relieved and the tree’s health restored. There are also invasive tree pests in Southern California; some trees may require protection despite environmental conditions. We also want to protect outstanding trees from the horror of substandard tree care, primarily topping. The residential tree care market in Southern California is not highly regulated and probably constitutes the greatest current threat to our urban forest.

Raquel Falco

Raquel graduated from Mt. San Antonio College with an AS degree in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), where the focus on pest prevention considers long-term and sustainable methods that are environmentally responsible.  She has been working in the landscape industry for 10 years, recently as a parks supervisor managing multi-acre public spaces. She has developed a wide array of horticultural skills, ranging from growing edible plants at home to cultivating sports fields and managing urban trees. Raquel’s passion for growing the urban forest has led her to enjoy learning the most important tree medicine in Southern California, irrigation.

ISA Certified Arborist WE-9564A
Qualified Applicator License #128198

Cris Falco

Cris graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a BS in Horticulture and a Minor in Plant Pathology. He was actually one of the last students to graduate with an emphasis in Fruit Industries before the option was discontinued. Cris has been working in the tree care industry for over 15 years and has committed himself to being a knowledgeable, experienced arborist. He understands that trees are living, dynamic systems and appreciates the opportunity to do his best to help people care for the trees that they value.

Board Certified Master Arborist WE-7490B
Registered Consulting Arborist #557
Pest Control Advisor #128017
Qualified Applicator License #135447
Qualified Tree Risk Assessor